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Welcome to Vishuddhi Linguistics

About us

Varnikha is an educator founder of vishuddhi linguistics academy . She has been training students who lack in communication skills. Her vision is to support kids guide them in a proper path.

The programs have been tailor made to provide best support to the students community according to the requirement . I strongly believe that if we are in right path God will help us to reach the destination and taste success.

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Vishuddhi linguistics academy is my brain child and always believe that god has created people with some purpose. My aim is to support people who are trying to achieve in their career but due to lack of communication they couldn't reach the heights. The name vishuddhi has its own significance because as a human being we are been operated by seven chakras. The fifth chakra  is of high importance for any person to be a good communicator. I strongly believe that if we are in a right path god will guide us to reach the destination of success.

My vision is to support the students through training for people who are facing difficulties to speak in English and Hindi. Nowadays people have started to move across the globe as far as India is concerned the language spoken widely is Hindi.English has its own aroma and if one has flawless presentation with rich vocabularies success rate is high. We always have a thought if one has to speak in English he should be sent to spoken English class but have you ever noticed the body language and gesture when someone speaks. The importance of communication program plays a vital role.

I have worked as a radio jockey for rainbow Fm wherein immensive training has been provided to us on how to pronounce properly in Tamil, importance of vocabulary which we use and how to be a better communicator. During this session i came to know the importance of a language which is acting as medium to communicate plays a vital role. People are hesitating to talk is because of fear, shy, and MTI. These are considered to be the barriers of communication and if you have clarity in thoughts it can be eradicated positively.


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